I wish to meet DJ Waqar Zaka

16 years old Madiha is regular viewer of reality shows, she revealed her most cherished wish to meet Waqar Zaka at the time when she was admitted in hospital for her blood transplant. Madiha is diagnosed with Thalassemia major. On visit of our volunteer’s team to the FATIMID Hospital, Madiha wished to meet her favorite VJ and reality show host Waqar Zaka. On asking the reason for her wish she replied that she is huge fan of reality shows and Waqar Zaka is the best host of reality shows in Pakistan. ‘Waqar’s courage and bravery is the most inspiring thing, the stunts he does by himself are unbelievable but he does so well. Every time he performs a stunt, he achieves his goal successfully and that’s what makes him the best in all. I wish I could meet him ever! Said Madiha.  Her eagerness to meet Waqar Zaka got us right on target and there after knowing her wish, Make-A-Wish Pakistan arranged a special meeting with Waqar. Besides Waqar’s dared personality and rude boy image on screen, he is a humble hearted person in real life. When told Waqar about Madiha’s wish he immediately agreed to come to meet her‘. it will be honor for me to meet God’s special human being, maybe I can give her a courage and some happy moments with  which she can live more than her life, said Waqar. During the meeting Waqar mingled with Madiha, Waqar shared his best experiences with Madiha of show living on the edge. He gifted theme locket of ‘living on the edge’ to Madiha, which will always be an asset for her. She was more amazed and startled with joy when Waqar invited her to be the special guest in the Grand Finale of the show ‘Living on The Edge’. Madiha said, ‘It’s the happiest day of my life, surprises are just not stopping coming my way, I’m the luckiest person to meet Waqar’’. Today a new sun rises for Madiha, everything is lively. Everything seems to speak and everything invites her to cherish it. Her parents seemed very happy and said that we can’t believe that still good people exist in this world to share the happiness of kids like Madiha. Hence they thanked Make-A-Wish and blessed with prayers.


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