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Arshad’s life began like that of any other normal child and for the initial days of his childhood he exhibits signs of one.  His mother said “I always remember when he  was a chubby little toddler  moving around the house discovering the world had to offer him.  However as he grew up  and reached the age of  3 years old,  a terrorizing word crudely penetrated through his healthy life  and took absolute control of it,  he was diagnosed to be suffering from heart complication - Tetrology of Fallot.  As a consequence of his illness, my little boy childhood proved to be a lot more difficult than that of other kids of his age”.  8 years old Arshad, knew he is suffering from life-threatening medical illness. He is very sensitive child and always wanted to play outdoor games with his friends or visiting historical places. His cherish wish is to visit the famous Alladin Park in Karachi.  Alladin Park is equivalent to Disney Land where every child enjoys every rides  and water slides and many amusement games.  Arshad lives in a village far away from the city where Alladin Park is situated.  His parents could not afford to take Arshad to Karachi to visit Aladdin Park.  When Make A Wish volunteer visited Arshad at the National Institute of Cardio Vascular Diseases he expressed his wish of going to Alladin Water  Park where he can spend one whole day of fun. Arshad’s wish of going to this amusement park was a fantasy to him as his health remained unstable and when his Doctor gave the go signal,  Arshad along with his parents and friend embarked on a tour that he will always remember in his life, his wish was granted by Make A Wish Pakistan. He  was also accompanied by senior team of wish granter and some distinguished guests. “We have given a full day of fun to Arshad, his family and his friends” said Make A Wish Volunteer who accompanied the family of Arshad. He was too excited to take his first ride on Express Train wheeler called “The Aladdin Express” He also enjoyed the pony ride, flying elephant, dodgem bump cars, pedal boat ride and other rides. He also enjoyed jumping star with clowns around him, video game arena, and many more including water slides which he enjoyed a lot with his friends. Arshad and his family was treated to a sumptuous snacks and lunch. Arshad said “I am so thrilled to live like a normal boy first time in my life, I am so happy to be here with my parents, siblings and my best friends. I felt so amused and enjoyed very much.”  Later as the evening fall Arshad’s mother while talking to our Volunteer said, “it’s truly amazing seeing my son, in very active mood and he seems to show no signs of tiredness. He is so happy mingling and running here and there and this is the first time we saw him like with full vigour and enjoying so much”.  She further stated that “I am so thankful to Make A Wish Pakistan and for the donors who contirubuted so much money time and effort for fullfiling the wish of my son in a very elegant manner”. 


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