I wish to meet Momo

9 years old Qurat has been in Atrial Septal defect from the year 2011. It’s a disease which enables blood flow between two compartments of the heart called the left and right atria. Her poor medical condition restricts her to be bound at home usually. But she has always found away out for her boring time. She is fond of reading comics and eagerly watch comedy movies and dramas on TV. While having a good time with her hobbies and surfing time on tv she is always eager and in wait of her favorite comedy drama “BULBULAY”. As the drama series has massive fan following all over the country, Qurat also loves watching the hilarious performance of the best character MOMO. Like every one Qurat has been always wondering that how MOMO would actually be in real life and use to think that a day might come when she meets her. In meeting with our volunteers, QURAT wished to meet her favorite actress MOMO – HINA DILPAZEER. when asked to the super talented actress to meet our wish children she immediately committed to meet.  It’s an honor for me to take some time out for such children who are fighting daily with their diseases, said Hina Dilpazeer. Qurat became extremely excited to know that she’ll be taken to meet her favorite star. Her smiles were unstoppable and every one could witness. At the day of30th April in Governor House Sindh, Make-A-Wish organized a surprise appearance of Hina Dilpazeer, which fascinated her loads. Wish child Qurat and the star celeb had a quality time together. They shared much laughter together and gelled up with each other in a very friendly manner.


Marium & Faiz
We Wish to meet Bulbulay Team

Tanzil ur Rehman
I wish to meet my hero WWE Star John Cena

Cookie Lewis
I wish to become a Teacher

Nisha Nawaz
I wish to perform Umrah with family


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