I wish to meet Malala Yousufzai

A young boy, Anwarullah, who has not yet seen the beauty and realities of the world, is fighting his own battle at the age of 17 years. Anwarullah has Lung Cancer. Despite this fatal illness Anwarullah is a focused young man for whom studies are his foremost priority. This shining star’s wish was very unusual and was something that no other child had ever wished for. It was not a wish to meet a Bollywood actor or a demand for technological gadgets-he wished to meet Malala Yousufzai. When asked for the reason behind this wish, Anwarullah started narrating the great Malala’s story. He said that Malala has received so much recognition at such an early age because of her struggle for education. Soon, MAW after great effort was able to setup a meeting between Anwarullah and Malala in the UK. During that visit Anwarullah got to spend an afternoon with Malala. He was thrilled to meet his inspiration. They engaged in heartfelt and meaningful conversations, played monopoly and enjoyed lunch together. Malala told him that she was proud of Anwarullah continuing with his education despite of his ill health; to her this was the ultimate form of bravery. Furthermore, Anwarullah got a chance to visit the great city of London, spending the day at important tourist attractions. After the meeting Anwarullah, who was visibly in high spirits, told the MAW team that he could not thank them enough because he was returning with high hopes for his future and more courage to continue his efforts in his academic life.


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