i wish to become a Soldier of Park Army & meet Army Chief

STORY: 8 FEED YOUR FAITH, AND YOUR DOUBTS WILL STARVE TO DEATH: NOT ALL ANGELS RESIDE IN HEAVEN, MANY WALK IN THE BATTLEFIELD: Shoaib Aurangzeb: I wish to be a Soldier of Pak Army & meet Army Chief Shoaib Aurangzeb always dreamt of becoming a Soldier from his childhood but his dream was shattered when his doctor disclosed that he is suffering from life-threatening illness Thalassemia major, but this news did not change his ambition. “I wish to be a Soldier” was the words he uttered to Make-A-Wish Pakistan volunteers who visited him at the hospital where he was undergoing blood transfusion, probably this was a quiet message of the child to Pakistan Army that their job is to fight for our country and our job is to love and support our heroes. Make-A-Wish Foundation Pakistan conveyed his cherished wish to the Chief of Army Staff General Raheel Sharif who was kind to accommodate the wish, and allowed the ailing child to become a Soldier of Pak Army for a day, some wishes are so worthy. Shoaib visited an army unit in MalirCantt and was decorated pips of Lieutenant by the Commanding Officer of 43 Azad Kashmir Regiment and made history by becoming the youngest Lieutenant of Pak Army. He also took part in all the activities of the unit including riding in the Tank and rifle shooting, he eagerly took part in all everyday activities of a young and brave Army Officer. He also met the GOC Malir Major General ShahzadNaeem Khan who presented an insignia to the young soldier. Not only Shoaib`s most cherished wish was granted in a magnificent way but he also had an honor of meeting the Chief of Army Staff at Corps Headquarter. It was a touching moment when a young Soldier saluted the Army Chief and expressed his desire to fight shoulder to shoulder along with the Pak Army against the terrorists and enemies. The Army Chief appreciated his gesture of serving the country as a Soldier while fighting with his life threatening illness. Shoaib was presented a gift by the Army Chief.Shoaib remembers the wonderful meeting stating that the aura of Pakistan’s Army Chief was so impressive and those moments were beyond words for him. A Unique wish where Shoaib fighting for his life but at the same time he wants to sacrifice his life for the country, if somebody says he’s not scared of dying he’s either lying or is a soldier at heart. Loving our ghazis’ is not hard, the distance is hard, their lifestyle is hard, the worry of their families is hard, the sacrifices for the country are hard- but loving them…is the easiest thing Nation can do for them.


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