i wish to perform Umrah with my father

A JOURNEY TO FIND THE SOUL: UMRAH AS IN THE END, WE ALL HAVE TO EXCHANGE ONE WORLD FOR AN-OTHER TO GAIN A NEW WORLD AmnaHussain is an 18 year old girl, suffering from a type of deadly cancer called Hodgkin’s disease, when she was approached by a representative from ‘Make-a-Wish Foundation’ to find out as to what would be her most cherished wish, she very confidently expressed that she intends to perform Umrah along with her parents. While one cogitate in quiet and perplexity, half submerged in dark waters of a deep well that how these kids must be feeling about their life, reading this wish one suddenly realizes: If water stands motionless in a pool it grows stale and muddy, but when it moves and flows it becomes clear: So, too, a soul, a child or an adult in wanderings or sufferings of life. Amna is lucky to find this magic at such a tender age, when all disquiet leaves the soul and we find the bonding to The Creator. By reading this wish and understanding it, one begins to look at the rest of the world with distant eyes; one begins to understand that our lives could not have taken a different course. For when we ask ourselves, ‘’what is the sum total of this life?’’ Something inside answers; ’we have set out to exchange one world for another-to gain a new world for ourselves in exchange for an old one which we never really possessed’’. And I know with startling clarity that such an undertaking might indeed take an entire lifetime, which Amna understood at this tender age. Going to the pilgrimage and getting closer to Almighty Allah, might not have only lessen the pain of this disease to a great deal but also must have healed the bruises of her soul she had by facing this tormenting ailment. ‘Make-a-Wish Foundation’ made all the preparations for her and her parent’s pilgrimage which involved arranging passports, visas, air-tickets and provision of expenses to enable them to perform Umrah. Having performed Umrah she was very happy and satisfied and full of prayers for ‘Make-a-Wish Foundation’ who made her dream come true by fulfilling her wish.


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I wish to meet my hero WWE Star John Cena

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I wish to become a Teacher

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I wish to perform Umrah with family


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