I wish to Celebrate Birthday with family

Have you ever thought about why we even bother to celebrate birthdays? When you think about it, they're really just an opportunity for your friends and family to come together and congratulate you for surviving another year and treat someone especially well and generally accede to their wishes on their birthday.  But for some reason it's become far more than that. Like every other child Dinesh uttered to celebrate his birthday and make his day memorable. His wish was granted on tuesday September 23rd 2014 in village restaurant sea view by Make a Wish Foundation. MAWF tried to make Dinesh’s birthday into a day full of awesomeness by getting to his favorite Restaurant Village for variety of delicious meal and to make each stop a surprise, with the birthday-child Dinesh being whisked from one thing to the next. Dinesh was very fascinated to see the different arrangements of his birthday. His birthday location was decorated as per a proper theme having different colors of balloons.MAWF’s volunteers hang the balloons in the doorway and let birthday star wade through the balloons when he entered the restaurant. There a round table beautifully decorated and a big cake was placed on it. Dinesh was surprised to see such a large Cake in front of him and cut the cake with enormous pleasure and with kind wishes from his family and MAWF Team. After cutting the Cake food was served which included Starters, Main course and delicious desserts. Dinesh enjoyed food a lot and he roam around the Restaurant as well. He was extremely happy on his birthday and considered it as a memorable day of his life. Dinesh was grateful to MAWF for granting his wish.


Marium & Faiz
We Wish to meet Bulbulay Team

Tanzil ur Rehman
I wish to meet my hero WWE Star John Cena

Cookie Lewis
I wish to become a Teacher

Nisha Nawaz
I wish to perform Umrah with family


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