I wish to have Make Over & go for Shopping Spree

Make A Wish: Making Dreams Come True “Whenever I saw a Drama or movie on my small TV I always thought how glamorous the women looked, all dressed in their beautiful designer dresses and perfect make up and I was fascinated by them. It was my secret dream to be like these glamorous girls whom I so admired on TV”, said eleven years old Khadija beaming with joy. Khadija was all dolled up, dressed in fine attire and over the moon for having her wish come true.  Khadija is a charming girl who has bravely fought with Thalassemia Major, an inherited genetic blood disorder, all her young life but even such a grave challenge has not dampened her panache for life.  She has a zeal and passion which is inspiring and contagious.  She like many other young girls had a fascination for cosmetics and jewelry and had a secret desire to go to a beauty salon and have her make up done and be just like the beautiful stars she so admired on television. Khadija’s father is a vegetable vendor and has a small income to make ends meet and also take care of his family. Khadija regularly needs blood transfusions and medical treatment and her father could hardly afford that. Gifts and treats were not imaginable and so her wish remained lodged in her heart, hidden and seemingly impossible. It was in a Blood Transfusion Center where Khadija was getting her routine blood transfusion that she met volunteers from Make-A-Wish Foundation Pakistan. Khadija was asked by MAW volunteer of her heart’s desire and she told him that she wanted to go to a Beauty Salon for once and buy designer clothes to wear. She could hardly believe her luck when Make-A-Wish Foundation contacted her and offered to grant her wish which was to be a fashionable and glamorous lady for a day. It was magical indeed for her, almost like someone had rubbed the proverbial magic lamp of Aladdin and made her wish come true. Even more fascinating was the fact that Dawn News’ Live Morning Show decided to collaborate with MAW Foundation in Khadija’s wish granting and to stay with Khadija and shoot her the whole day. The show host Saira Kabeer put in a lot of effort to make Khadija’s day memorable. She also accompanied Khadija along with MAW staff to a trip to the popular “Forum Mall” in Karachi and asked to buy whatever dress she fancied there at the boutiques. Khadija could hardly believe it and she had a magical day selecting and shopping for her dress and accessories to match. She was also treated to lunch at a fast food restaurant of her choice and then as the grand last stop on the trip she was taken to a beauty salon as her heart’s desire. Khadija was given a special treatment there by the salon staff and she was made over by expert beauticians. She donned her new dress and had her hair done and was ecstatic to see her dream come true, right in front of her eyes. Khadija’s wish granting day was captured on camera by Dawn News for their Daily Live Morning show and then Khadija was also invited to the show as a special guest. The Founding President Make-A-Wish Pakistan Ishtiaq Baig was also invited in the Show to talk about Khadija’s wish. Khadija could not believe her luck and thanked MAW and Dawn News for fulfilling her most cherished wish of a glamorous girl for a day. Khadija and hundreds of other sick children like her are finding joy and happiness in a difficult time of their lives through Make-A-Wish Pakistan. It is through this noble mission that Make-A-Wish Foundation is making dreams come to reality and spreading joy in the lives of so many children. Let us all be part of this amazing aura of happiness and spread joy by joining the efforts of the remarkable Make-A-Wish Foundation.  


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We Wish to meet Bulbulay Team

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I wish to meet my hero WWE Star John Cena

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I wish to become a Teacher

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I wish to perform Umrah with family


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