I wish to meet Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif

Every child has different interest and hopes and dreams based on those interests. Somebody is interested in the politics while somebody like art. Hence, every child is different. Waseem Asghar is a 14 years old boy who is suffering from Thalassemia Major and intelligent and brilliant and unlike the interests of children his own age, he takes immense interest in politics. He finds politics intriguing and has always wanted to understand how things work in the political world, and Row a country is run. For this purpose it was his wish since he was a little to meet the Prime Minister of Pakistan Nawaz Shareef. Make A Wish took the responsibility of making his dreams come true. It was Make A Wish Foundation’s efforts that they reached the Prime Minister Nawaz Shareef through different sources. When Prime Minister Nawaz Shareef was told about Waseem, he immediately arranged a meeting with him. When Waseem was told that he’d been invited to Prime Minister House Islamabad for a meeting with Prime Minister, he couldn’t believe. He said if felt like the purpose of his life was being fulfilled, that he would finally be able to do what he waited for so long. He was so happy and excited that he would be going to Islamabad to meet Prime Minister from Karachi because of Make A Wish. He wore new white shalwar kameez with black west coat and took Quran Shareef and money as gifts for Mr. Nawaz Shareef. His face showed his joy and his gratitude and he couldn’t wait to get. Meeting the Prime Minister, he was so happy. He talked him and asked all the things that he wanted to know. He presented PM Nawaz Shareef with the gifts he had taken which the Prime Minister graciously accepted when the meeting ended. Waseem thanked the Prime Minister and Make A Wish Foundation Pakistan for making his lifelong dream come true. On July 9th 2014 he was granted his wish by Make A Wish which he was very grateful for. He said that the experience was like having the dream and it was the most cherished moment of his life, one that would stay with him forever.


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