I wish to Celebrate Birthday with family & friends

Every child wants his ;ife and the fact that he is growing upto be celebrated. It is a cause for joy and happiness and every child wants this happiness, infact they need it to feel that they are important and that their life is a cause for happiness. Hence, it is the dream of every child to have a celebration of their birthday, to have a party where the birthday child is adored and the only important person, the centre of attention. Somal, a seven year old child, who is suffering from Thalassemia Major feels the same. Like any other child, it was his dream to have a big birthday party, where people would celebrate his life, no matter how many twists and twins it has. He wanted a birthday celebration just like other kids have. Make A Wish Foundation took the responsibility of making Somal’s dream come true. On 25th June 2014Make A Wish arranged for a fancy birthday party for Somal in Make A Wish Office. Make A Wish wanted to give Somal the day that he wanted free of worries and filled joy. Somal was very excited as he entered the office for his party. He was dressed  immaculately and could hardly contain his joy. It was a party that he always wanted, filled with music, dancing he played birthday games with other children, and finally when the cake arrived, his smile was so beautiful his eyes shone brightly and his laughter  lit up the whole office up. He received gifts. Somal and his family enjoyed the whole day with his family, eating the food of his choice. He thanked Make A Wish Foundation for making his dream come true and giving him the most memorable day of his life that he will cherish forever.    


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I wish to perform Umrah with family


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