Bringing wishes to children in Pakistan is possible because of the efforts of our dedicated volunteers. Whether providing administrative support, helping raise funds, organizing family activities, or wish granting, our volunteers make wishes come true!

Volunteers help grant wishes in many ways and are matched to positions based on ability, interest, and position availability.

Please consider your skills, goals, and motivation for volunteering when deciding which best suits your interests.

What Volunteers Do

Volunteers contribute to fulfilling the Make-A-Wish Foundation® Pakistan mission in a number of ways:

Wish Granting Volunteers

visit eligible children to discover their wish, then create wonderful wish presentations.

Promotion Volunteers

Fundraising All Make-A-Wish Foundation® Pakistan

volunteers are involved in fundraising, which takes many forms. Volunteers are always inventing new and imaginative ways to raise funds to grant more wishes.

Become a Volunteer

Our application process is as follows:

Take time to review the Foundation's Web site and please call us. We shall then send you an application form.

We will complete a screening process, including references and background check to ensure the safety of our wish children.

Once your application has been successfully screened, we'll invite you for an interview. The interview is a chance for us to get to know you better so we can match you with an appropriate volunteer position.

Marium & Faiz
We Wish to meet Bulbulay Team

Tanzil ur Rehman
I wish to meet my hero WWE Star John Cena

Cookie Lewis
I wish to become a Teacher

Nisha Nawaz
I wish to perform Umrah with family


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